Kustom Quad200 HD Guitar Head


I was amp shopping a few years ago and came across this amp head. What really peaked my interest at first was it’s price. $299.99. Very nice, for a guitar head, what’s the catch?

After reading the reviews and seeing how everyone basically put “this thing is LOUD,” I decided to dig further. Upon seeing the distortion channel, I knew I had to have this amp. “Why?” you may ask? Well, the distortion knob is labelled “Balls” and the boost switch is labelled “Bigger Balls.” If that’s not reason enough to buy this amp, I don’t know what is.

Upon getting this amp in the mail, I nearly broke my back carrying it upstairs. This thing is a beast (in both weight, size and sound). I have a Peavey 4×12 guitar cabinet and this thing barely fits on top of it.

I was very impressed with the sound upon first plugging it in and not messing with the EQ knobs. The only problem is, I can’t turn it up past the 1st notch without it rattling everything within a 3 mile radius. Very intense sound, and I love the clean channel sound. The built-in effects are ok, but that’s what pedals are for, right? This is a solid-state amp, after all.

This amp is great. And to quote one of the reviews I read, “If this amp is ever stolen, broken, or lost, I will buy it again.”

Rating: 9 Stars (9 / 10)