Burger King: Enormous Omelet Sandwich


Now this is a breakfast sandwich. This thing is huge. HUGE. If you’re really starving in the morning, or you want to stay full past lunch time, this is the breakfast sandwich to get. Sure, it’s around $3 by itself, but if you get the combo, you’ll get tater tots and a drink for less than a buck on top of that. And you will be full.

What’s in it? Two slices of American cheese, two eggs, three crispy strips of bacon, and a sausage patty, all on a toasted bun. I can hear some of you yelling “HEART ATTACK ON A BUN!”, and yes, I’m sure there are a billion calories in this thing, but trust me, it’s really good, and that’s all that matters when it comes to food.

Rating: 8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)