FUZE: Tropical Punch

I found this brand of drink at a convenience store while on a family vacation. They looked interesting, the bottles had good designs on them, and they were a good size.
The Tropical Punch is Low Carb and only 5 calories per serving (about 2 servings per container). It contains Chromium (isn’t that an operating system?), Vitamin C, Super Citrimax, and L-Carnitine. It also contains 1% juice with filtered water, pineapple juice and a bunch of other stuff I can’t pronounce.

Anyway, it’s a welcome taste to my palate. Very fruity, and orange is the dominant taste. I was thinking just from the name “Tropical Punch” that it would be like Hawaiian Punch. This is not the case, thank goodness. After drinking this, it doesn’t leave your teeth feeling like they’ve been dipped in tartar. I highly recommend this brand to anyone that sees it and is curious to try it out. I haven’t had a flavor that I didn’t like.

Rating: 8 Stars (8 / 10)