Sonic: Toaster Breakfast Combo


Two pieces of toast, an egg and your choice of sausage, ham or bacon, plus tater tots, and a medium drink (or gross coffee). This is quite the tasty meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner/supper, since it’s served all day.

Depending on your food consumption, this can be a full meal or light snack. I find it fills me up enough in the morning to get me through lunch.

For some reason, the majority of the toaster sandwiches I’ve eaten, the toast is usually a little soggy. I’m not sure how that happens when it’s toast, but it does. Other than that, it’s a pleasant experience for your tastebuds. My only complaint is you can’t order a Sausage Toaster with bacon.

Also, be sure to check the bag before you drive off, since I’ve been the victim of quite a few tater tot-less meals.

Rating: 7 Stars (7 / 10)